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learn to kitesurf

KITEBOARDING its an exiting extreme sport, full of adrenaline, and huge loads of fun.

This wild sport, its a great recipe of, surfing , snowboarding, sailing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, skateboaring, hydrofoiling, and kite flying all in one!!!

It doesn’t really matters, if you are a pro-rider, or just an easy rider cruising around, that feeling of freedom and satisfaction its always there to put a big smile in your face!

WINDBANDIT KITESHACK was founded by riders for the riders, is in the center of the only licensed kitesurfing beach, in Cyprus, is committed to do its best for you, since we never forget we was beginners too.Our commitment to safety, and the need to keep you safe, we will provide you, during your lesson ,life-jackets, helmets, harness, 2way telecom systems,(bbtalkin).

The greatest thing about kitesurfing in our days,it developed into a safe action sport, suitable for families couples or individuals to have fun! Whether you are 8 years old or over 60, looking for a new sport to hooked up, or just a summer adventure, we ensure you that our lessons are SAFE, EASY and tailored in your needs

about us

Windbandit KITESHACK is a kitesurfing school

located in Softades beach-Larnaca-Cyprus,

and founded in 2012 from

Coach Niko PeaceOurio




Our passion for kitesurfing , the pleasure of sharing


knowledge and that priceless smile                                        

on our students face keeps us motivated

to teach this wonderful sport.

We offer private or semi private kiteboarding lessons for beginners




 up to super advanced  

kite-hydrofoiling from May-November.



Map Directions


eleveight kites

F-ONE Certified SCHOOL





Where are we located?

Windbandit Kiteshack, Softades, Kiti, District of Larnaca
(20 Min. from Larnaca, 50 Min. from Limassol, 45 Min Nicosia)

Google Maps Link: